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Naughty Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo

July 14, 2007

Miss New Jersey Amy Polumbo is the latest pageant slut to cause scandal but PMC ain’t complaining. In fact the pics she was being blackmailed with were not all that naughty at all.

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Simon comments on Antonella Barba’s Pics

March 1, 2007

American Idol judge Simon Cowell has broke his silence and spoken out regarding the leaked photos of Idol contestant Antonella Barba in various compromising positions.

“I think it’s disgraceful that so-called friends would sell these pictures,” he told PEOPLE at a Playboy Mansion party for the E! show The Girls Next Door and the launch of the new Ryan Seacrest-produced reality series Paradise City. “It’s private property. I really, really have a problem with that – big problem.”

I love that he is commenting on Antonella’s woes from the Playboy Mansion. Life couldn’t be much better than being asked about a girl smoking a pole at the Mansion.

Jennifer Lopez gets Naughty

February 26, 2007

Jennifer Lopez gets naughty in this photo from a recent shoot. I know if I had been on Jenny’s block that she would have been in a whole lot of trouble. Not the best pic of her face but her thighs be rocking in this pic. Watch for Jennifer Lopez on American Idol this spring.