Katie Rees, Miss Nevada USA, is our Britney Spears public nudity queen of the week. Her crown was revoked after these photos found the air of light.

Here are the uncensored photos from Katie’s wild night at 19.

She claims it was a one time mistake…I find two problems with that….First, who says it was a mistake, and second, she is too much of a seasoned pro in these photos for it to have just happened once.

Katie’s apology


6 Responses to “UNCENSORED KATIE REES: Miss Nevada USA”

  1. Brainy Blonde Says:

    It just goes to show you … You can get drunk under 21, break the law and get away with it and still stay Miss USA… But if there are photos – like these- forget it. We’re a visual society. It’s a shame but that’s how it is.

  2. The Saipan Blogger Says:

    more like if there are people willing to sell you out…I’m sure Miss USA had photos. These days EVERYONE has a camera.

  3. Abe-O Says:

    The blonde chick in the first photo looks like a man!


  4. Rusty Says:

    I don’t see a problem , she was having a good time instead of being stuck up and fake like all the other pagent girls before her

  5. pokergod Says:

    I have more unpublished photos of Katie Reeves (Ms. Nevada). I live in Tampa and partied with her, if you want these photos please contact me. Tampapokergod10@yahoo.com

  6. donkingit Says:

    that girl is wild i wish was there wit her

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