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Janis Joplin or Mary Kate Olsen?

September 29, 2006

It must really suck when you peak at 5 years old. Mary Kate Olsen continues to dumbfound us all.

Mischa Barton needs a good 15 lbs.

September 28, 2006

Mischa Barton could still stand to put on a few pounds. She would develop great curves if she put on about 15-20 pounds. She has a great skeleton to build upon.

Worst Dressed of the Day: Kate Beckinsale

September 27, 2006

Remember those big, fat California Rasin’s in the commercials from the 80’s then how ever small kid was dressing like one by wearing a garbage bag at Halloween? Well that looks to be what Kate Beckinsale is doing here. Simply bad fashion.


Worst Dressed Celeb of the Day: Paris Hilton

September 26, 2006

Paris Hilton has won our award pretty often of late. Here she looks like one of those guys on the street corner in New Orleans spray painted gold to look like a statute. Who knows? Perhaps some birds will confuse Paris for a statute and leave some droppings.

Topless April Scott

September 24, 2006

WOW! April Scott just gave us a good weekend. She looks a bit sweaty and slippery. She must be in the South.

Worst Dressed of the Day: Mischa Barton

September 22, 2006

Mischa Barton is our worst dressed celeb of the day once again.

Not so Hot Cameron Diaz

September 20, 2006

Geez! What is Timberlake thinking? Again what is Cameron Diaz thinking dating that skinhead?

The 10 Most Hated Celebrities in Hollywood

September 18, 2006

Celeb bloggers have spoken and these are the 10 Most Hated Celebs in Hollywood.

  1. Paris HiltonParis Hilton– “Hollywood’s most famous slut and quite possibly the most famous slut of all-time. Paris continues to baffle not only us but herself as well. The only true debate that lingers is if more people have stayed at Hilton Hotels or in her own bed. Hilton is a rare person who is actually safer drunk than the
    rest of us are sober. Here are some of the things Paris is known for: sex video, pantyless crotch shots, over-sexed commercials, hacking Lohan’s sidekick, stealing her own sex tape from a convenience store, infecting half of Hollywood, DUI arrest, and hooking up with some of the biggest losers.”-
  2. Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan– “If Lindsay wasn’t famous she would have been arrested for public indecency months ago. The non-stop party girl isdrinking/smoking/snorting her career into the ground. All of her co-stars agree that burning the candle at both ends will be the fall of her. At this point, there’s really no difference between Lindsay, Paris, and one of those ‘blow up sex dolls’. Hopefully, Linds will stop the partying and focus on her career because she is truly talented. She can sing and act very well, but we usually know in the end what usually happens with child stars.”-
  3. Tom CruiseTom Cruise– “Another given. I must say though, I never have liked Tommy boy or thought his looks were anything spectacular. Even when I was in junior high and Top Gun was out, all the girls had pictures of him from Tiger Beat in their lockers. I preferred Val Kilmer. Tom’s recent know-it-all attitude and control-freak tendencies have only made me dislike him more. He needs to stop hopping on couches and instead visit one for some much needed psychotherapy. It does seem that since Paramount terminated him that he has tried to appologize to Brooke Shields and with Katie’s parents. He also released photos of silent-birth Suri as well in the past two weeks.”- Celebrity Smack
  4. Kevin FederlineKevin Federline– “It is easy to diss K-Fed, but someone has to eventually give this guy some credit. Kevin was never going to go to Harvard, but he was smart enough to marry one of the richest and sexiest (at the time) women in the world. He has the Midas touch where everything he touches turns to cheetos. Kevin is no different than your average Cali thug, but he is hated for ruining Britney Spears and her career, no matter how polished and over-produced it was.”-
  5. Brandon DavisBrandon Davis-“This guy is much like Hooker Hilton and actually is her #1 sidekick. I don’t get why this guy thinks he is such hot shit. He is a dopey looking dough boy with too much money for his own good. He must also be quite insecure if he must resort to publicly degrading people like a second grade bully would tease on a school bus. Davis did give Lohan a nickname that she will never outlive. ‘Firecrotch’ is classic and fits her too well. Lohan must have some class because I am sure she could fire back at Davis even further below the belt.”- Celebrity Smack
  6. Britney SpearsBritney Spears– “The one celebrity we all love to hate. She spends entirely too much time defending her gangsta husband K-Fed and setting herself up for publicity nightmares, then claims the media haunts her. At any point in your life, have you ever thought Britney Spears… wasn’t insane? However, the more children she pops out the less people hate her because her babies are so cute and adorable.”-
  7. Star JonesStar Jones– “I think Star(zilla) Jones got herself caught in the midst of dislike-hood by making a LOT of foolish choices and dumb ass moves…all her promotional grubbing…the wedding fiasco to gay Al…not admitting to how she lost weight…and finally being a pussy by running in the other direction from Rosie
    O’Donnell while burning the bridge laid out for her by Barbara Walters. Plus in the end she has no talent! I wonder when & where she’ll pop up next…if at all! Who in their right mind would want to deal with her?”-
  8. Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson– “This woman starves for attention. Jessica goes everywhere with her stupid hairdresser. She then boasts to major magazines about her relationship with John Mayer only to have him come out and decry it as being untrue. Considering her rock hard understanding of canned tuna, it’s pretty clear Jessica has never shopped for groceries in her entire life. Most women usually get one shot with a really good guy in their lifetime. Jessica blew it with Nick and now is finding out that men in Hollywood only want in her Daisy Dukes but not her heart.”- Gone Hollywood
  9. Tara ReidTara Reid– “She is famous for being drunk 24-7 and being paid to party all over the world. She makes headlines now for her saggy boobs and botched tummy tuck instead of her mediocre acting abilities. She has become so hated even within Hollywood that she is unable to get into all of the A-list clubs like she use to be able to. Lohan can drink and party all she likes, because she continues to at least act in decent films. Taradise might have been the begining of the end of a once promising career.”- Hot Momma Drama
  10. Michael JacksonMichael Jackson– “Need I say more”- Nosy Snoop

Contributors: Bumpshack, Allie is Wired, Celebrity Smack, PopBytes, Nosy Snoop, Hot Momma Drama, Gone Hollywood, Pink Meat Company

Christina Aguilera and Lace

September 17, 2006

Christina Aguilera looks sexy in this lil’ white lingerie piece. She is sexy when she is not trying to be slutty.

Scarlett Josexy

September 15, 2006

Does Scarlett Johansson ever have a bad looking day? PMC says no